Do you all know about the E-MU mailing list??

For everything about the EMU sampler EXCEPT preset and cord creations.

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Do you all know about the E-MU mailing list??

Postby nads » Mon Apr 28, 2003 5:38 am

It is down at the moment due to a protest at the actions of the U.S. government/military in Iraq, (yeah. Orwell's perpetual war (1984) has only just started, just insert Bush's "rogue state" of the month right here- And if they fight back we'll call them terrorists even though we are occupying their soil for our own interests...). Tip of the day, use you morph filter to make sense of the shit that garbles from Bush's mouth-it will sound more intelligle and perhaps you can use it in one of your tunes:

for enquiries (to subscribe etc.)

Good tunes and fuck Bush(I.Q.=67 or equal to your average caged myna bird), Blair and Howard and their ilk for starting a phony war. (Remember, Rumsfeld and Hussein were best mates in the ' things change. I wonder if Bush and Reagan kept all the receipts for the W.M.Ds they gave Hussein and how those 15 year olds down at camp X-Ray are doing-not too fuckin' well I'd suspect!!) :cry:
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