ESO Link & other software

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ESO Link & other software

Postby HSL » Sun Mar 16, 2014 5:06 am

I've got an old Mac G4 rig running. From what I've heard the EOS Link software is terrible and it's only good for renaming samples and patch names. Surely it can do more than that?

I'd like to be able to transfer samples to and fro but I don't think the EOS Link software can do that. I'm thinking that if I hook up a Jaz drive somewhere in the chain, I may be able to transfer samples from my G4, to the Jaz drive, then to the Emu.
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Re: ESO Link & other software

Postby JAHFUNK » Sun Mar 16, 2014 10:57 am

I can't comment on EOS Link as I haven't used it but a Jaz drive is a SCSI device and provided your Mac has a SCSI interface and your sampler is running eos4.7 you can move WAVs presets and banks between the Mac and sampler.
You will need a SCSI cable or adapter with 50pin Centronics to a 50 Pin High Density Connector.
for more info see here...


Be careful with the SCSI chain because both the Mac and the Emu will want to be controllers and this will result in a freeze up. It would be better to have only one controller connected at a time.

Another option is SMIDI (this is soooooo slow)
I believe this works with the Emu and its free.
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