Emu Library Confusion

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Emu Library Confusion

Postby HSL » Sun Dec 29, 2013 12:30 am

There are quite a few CDROMs out there and it's a little confusing. There were some released under the Emulator Classic Series for EIIIx and as far as I can tell Vol.1 and Vol.2 is the original Emulator II library, just on CDROM for EIIIx, Is that correct?

Later on in the series there's a Vol.10 and Vol.11, also called Emulator Standards. What are these?

There also seems to be an Elements Of Sound for the Emax, which are Vol.1 through Vol.4. Are those 4 CDROMs the factory library for the EMAX?
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Re: Emu Library Confusion

Postby grizzvolga » Sat Jan 04, 2014 1:45 am


I agree with you, it's very confusing.

Apparently, E-Mu developed a big collection of 16-bit samples during the times of the Emulator III, but they then repackaged the same samples in endless different formats.There are plenty of CD-Roms with different versions of the same samples, just repackaged for the Emulatror III, Emax II or Emulator IV samplers. Then there are additional re-looped versions for use in machines with smaller sampler memory. I have had 1Mb, 4Mb and 8Mb versions of the same banks for both the Emax II and the Emu IV. And to add to the confusion, there are special banks that carry a selection of shortened versions of instrument from the big banks.

Personally, I just could not stand this confusion. So I spent quite a long time comparing different versions of the same sample banks and keeping only the biggest, best looped versions of each instrument. It was a huge amount of work, but it gave me the peace of mind I needed :-)
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