Saving time (and getting down to business)

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Saving time (and getting down to business)

Postby phono » Sat Apr 26, 2003 3:03 pm

post your tips for saving time ;)

heres mine, make a decent def song and set it to load at power on (also useful if you save it on the first slot so that its the first song listed when you hit the disk key)

what i did for mine was this, set up a patch in position 1 with my cords and controllers set up (midiA->filt freq midiB->filt res etc etc) playing simply sample #1. Then i copied this patch to positions 2 thru 16 and changed the playing sample number to the respective position. Then saved this as my default song. Now when i work i can throw samples (via scsi from soundforge) into slots 1-16 very quickly and know all my controllers are set to a somewhat default setting which i can start to work from. If im using recycle, i just select the patch i want to use, dump from recycle starting at a sane sample number (over 16) say position 100. Then i go into the patch and "samplezone->combine" this combines all the voices in the patch and takes all the cord settings from the original voice from my default song. After which i delete the first voice (this is empty anyway) and bingo, can use the controllers to affect all the slices in one swoop! :slayer:

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