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Postby DS-1 » Sat Oct 04, 2003 9:23 pm

Been awhile since ive gotten to post on this but its nice to see everything is still in full swing :mrgreen:

Im working on a new website
www . Studioheadz . com

The goal of studioheadz is to bring togather more the entire studio community. By using different perspectives from different producers, I feel we can create a comprehensive database of intelligent factual material that can be used to further the WHOLE drum'n'bass production crew. While newbies are always welcome, I hope to make this a place where established producers are able to goto for information. A quick and realiable sourse for production notes and info, this is a great oppertunity to bring in the new wave of talent thats just waiting for there chance to shine.

The concept here is that by detailed and easy to understand fact sheets, you can learn the tips and tricks for many of the things you've wondered about. Little things from tweaking your drums to getting your subs sounding just right. From getting 'that' sound to making your mix tapes cut up into tracks. Interviews and articles from your favourite producers may help to shed some light on the equiptment you use everyday (whether it be software or hardware).
Also a sample swap, remix contests and a private FTP will help make www.studioheadz.com a first stop to a knowledgable producer

The key point to remember here is that it takes you to make a difference. Through a positive attitude and forward thinkers WE can make a signifigant difference in the production of the music we know and love

This is by nature a Drum'n'bass forum/database but IS NOT limited to that. I encourage anyone with something to say to speak up and help out

Now Ezman , Madmax, S n H or ANY other emusonacid memeber im SPECIFICULLY talking to you =)

I would like to get in contact with you so either please email me or leave yuor email address in this thread please

To get involved feel free to email me at ds1@furiousrecords.ca
Thanks for your time
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