ADC INPUTs & Buses

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ADC INPUTs & Buses

Postby bosley » Sat Jul 19, 2003 2:53 pm

hello everybody, i just discovered this list, looks great with a lot of infos! so here my first message...and problem!

I've got the RFX + 4 Input-expansions and want to handle sounds from
other gears through the EMU, using -of course- the ULTRA filters & FX's,
and then route the whole thing to a SUB1 or SUB2 output. But I have
some difficulties:

- First I set the ADC1 always be routed to a specific BUS. The FX's
work fine, with 0% FX amount we even hear the external sound
unchanged. Perfect. But each time I want to hear the changes in the
filter settings I have to press a keyboard key -even with latch mode
on. That is: the filter changes are not continous and we can't open a
filter smoothly. Do I miss something here?

- Then I tried another thing: I disabled the
ADC1-always-be-routed-to-BUS1, and made a preset with the "ADC1"
selected in the Voice edit. I routed then the Voice to a BUS with the
"Mixer" option. Here the filter changes work perfectly, but from the
BUS we only hear the Preset with FX's, that is the "effected sound";
with an amount of 0% FX's, we hear nothing. And the sounds seem
"cut". Midi Trigger is set to the minimun, -66dB.

Somebody could please help me?
THANX very very much for your help!

ps: isn't it possible to route a voice directly to a Sub OUT without
passing through a Bus??
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