how to make your emu not detect your zip.

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how to make your emu not detect your zip.

Postby sampleandhold » Sat Jul 05, 2003 4:09 am

along time ago, when i got my glyph cd rom for my emu, i discovered that even though the cd rom was inbetween the zip drive i have and the sampler, i didn't have to have it on in order for my zip to talk to my emu...

well today i discovered alittle problem. and this goes to those of you who have a daisy chain set up like i do.

i was messing around with some test tones, try to make a strings patch, when i decide i would turn on my cd rom drive to take a look at the moog string patches i have on a sound disc... i turned on the cd rom drive and remembered that i hadn't plugged it in, i have all my controller, zip and monitors all on that power strip. so i thought well i will just plug it in. i plugged it into my power strip and heard a click in my monitors and also saw a small blue arc as i plugged the rom in... remember the rom's switch was left "on". i ejected the door and put my cd rom in to get the moog string patch. so i hit the disc button to get to the screen were i can find my drives are, and it took a long time to get there. when it finally came up i discovered that my zip was asleep even though it had a disc in it. so i did the mount function and my zip drive disappeared from the screen.

so i thought that is weird, i have always had those two running together.. i think i'll turn the sampler off and then back on again and see if i can get both going. so i did that, and my zip was not getting detected. what i ended up doing, after repeating this "trick" again, was disconnect the power supply from the zip. this for some reason made the sampler detect the zip again. now it works fine, provided that i don't have the cd rom on when i plug it in.

so never ever ever do this, i am not too sure what happened when i did this, twice, but i sure as hell aint gonna do it again, i have a posted note on my cpu now.

this is just an fyi incase you guys ever have your zip do this to you, it isn't a dead zip or a scsi card going bad, you just made the mistake of doing what i did today. damn near had a heart attack....
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