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#1 2020-04-28 01:32:14

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Ultra Controller / Librarian Plugin?

I've made the rounds & it seems like a bit of a dead end subject these days, as most people were trying to make controllers/librarians for E-MU Ultra samplers several years ago but I can't find any solid, more recent info.

I have a hardware E-MU Ultra sampler & want to be able to use a plugin in Logic Pro X as a librarian and/or controller plugin. What programs are up to date & best at each of or all of those functions?

I've tried following various threads about CTRLR, C6, zoeos, e-remote, etc. etc. etc. but most of them seem like old subjects with a lot of dead ends & incomplete attempts.

Does anyone have more recent/solid information? I'd settle for several standalone programs or plugins for file transfer, librarian, & sampler control if some are better than others at those functions, just let me know. I'm a bit discouraged at this point but looking forward to the best way to bring the old E-MU back into the mix!


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