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#1 2019-11-25 17:19:44

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E-synth RAM upgrade problem

I just bought an e-synth running 4.61os that came with 32 mb ram.   
I bought 128mb ram upgrade on ebay.   Upon installation, only 64mb is showing up on boot.   
I took out the ram sticks and put them in different orders, mixed it with the old ram sticks, etc...every permutation, still only 64mb.   
64mb is showing up when a single 64mb stick is either slot.   
When a 64mb stick is in the first slot and a 16mb in the second, 32mb is the total ram detected.
So essentially, what I have found is that both ram ports are working but not working with two 64mb cards, it just ignores the second ram bank

Should I change the os somehow?  or get different ram?  or is my machine duff?


#2 2019-12-10 06:37:02

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Re: E-synth RAM upgrade problem

Its normal. Disable the ROMs.


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