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E-mu disc format specification


I'm writing a new tool (for personal usage) to access proprietary E-mu drives (both physical and virtual discs) to manage EOS soundbanks on a computer when FAT32 is not an option.

However, I haven't been able to find any specification or docs describing the disc and file structure. As I could check by using a HEX editor, the header written at sector 0 is 'EMU3' so we can assume that format is the same for both EIII and EIV family; but it isn't.  Opening the drive with the excellent EXMP tool (which was mainly designed for pre-EOS samplers) fails with a "Bank is invalid or corrupt" error.  The same disk image can be open on Extreme Sample Converter, though.

Any ideas?  Does anyone have the file format specification for E3/E4 samplers?



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