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#1 2018-02-13 13:22:19

Damian B
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E5000 Ultra help: external drive

Hello! I have an E5000 and it's used an external scsi HD for years quite happily. The latter was from a US company who now don't exist. They specifically made HDs for samplers.

Last week I switched on and external HD span up then down. Now I can't wake it/mount it. Can't 'ping' it if you follow.

I am in process of getting new cable. But if I ask a company about the disk (to fix it) they will just ask what file system it is... as they would just connect it to a PC, for data recovery.

I am reluctant to replace it off you know where as mainly think it's a simple fix, just overcomplicated.

Any advice? What file system would it be? What do people think in general?

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