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ASR10/EPS16+ repairs+spares Q&A


I am new to this site and it looks like a place to hang music career started off with the EPS16+ but still today I use an ASRxPro and asr10.
Unfortunatly these machines can cause occasional problems...I have spent days sometimes trying to get these machines back to working order.I am happy to contribute any help if possible,concerning repairs and spares.I am also hoping to find some helpful information concerning broken audio outputs on the asr10,component problems on the A/D board.I am trying to find another forum which contained tons of info on the ensoniq products that seems to be offline...maybe you know somthing..

-The spare parts that I can offer at the moment are:

-motherboard from the asr10
-spare keys/buttons (each key has its own number)
-output expander oex6
-selected housing parts from the keyboard version
-other boards with midi jacks
-board with audio outputs
please dont ask for scsi boards,these are just too rare to have lying arround!
-disc drive

drop a line

Please Help.

Thanks !

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.

References: … irs-spares

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