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#1 2017-12-06 13:17:27

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6862 D-WAM ASCII Digital I/O

Hi there guys, I hav'nt been on this forum in quite some time! Hoping to be a little more active on here from now on!!

My question for the board is regarding the 6862 D-WAM ASCII Digital I/O board for the Ultra series samplers (non ultra D-WAM not compatible)

I have been speaking with a close friend Ja Ki whom I'm pretty sure uses this message board a little also?! Anywho we have been speaking about potentially making the ASCII connection ourselves if this is possible?

If anyone has information regarding this please help me out. I really want to connect my e6400 Ultra to a ASCII Keyboard and stop using the main panel on the emu. Getting very into preset editing and all the technical chord editing these days so the keyboard would be a huge help!

Kind regards from a fellow EMU lover, Leon :-)

I also recently added some new emu tutorials to my youtube page, search Glyphicdnb and see what you think..


#2 2018-01-03 02:32:59

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Re: 6862 D-WAM ASCII Digital I/O

Hi Leon,

This is a drawing of the schematics for the ASCII (DWAM) board taken from the service manual, which I believe is downloadable in pdf format from deepsonic (search EMU EOS Technical Documents).


Whether or not this is all the info you need to build one I'm not sure, but seeing these are impossible to find now it could be worth trying to build. Luckily enough my Ultra has the port installed and it is totally worth having.

Good luck, and if you guys go ahead let us know how you go. I do see Ja-Ki post now and then on DOA still.


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#3 2018-03-11 11:56:40

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Re: 6862 D-WAM ASCII Digital I/O

Does anyone finally attempted a DIY approach yet ?
I read in several places there's a thread on a facebook group.
Did you know if it worked ? (Can't check myself, as I don't own a facebook account)


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