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#1 2017-08-27 12:36:06

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Orbit/Phatt ROM stops E4xt from booting. Solution?

Hi I recently bought an orbit / phatt ROM board on line - marked on board EMU AP535 -01 for my Emu E4XT Ultra. I guess it came from an ESynth. There is a French forum post which I've found which suggests this is the orbit Phatt rom but it is not the orbit phatt rom sessions 6871 board.

When installed in any of the ROM memory slots the sampler does not boot.
No power light goes on - it appears dead.
Boots immediately when the card is then removed.

I did find a post on another forum from wayback which describes exactly the same problem when installing flash ram but no solution or explanation.

Any ideas before I try and return the chip?


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#2 2017-08-28 10:56:36

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Re: Orbit/Phatt ROM stops E4xt from booting. Solution?

You should probably not put it in your E-MU if it's stopping it from booting up altogether.


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