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SampleAid utility for sampling & auditioning

I use a free tool called SampleAid for sampling and auditioning MIDI-based instruments. It's a tool within the free Sequetron LE package, and is a Windows PC program which generates an accurate series of MIDI notes with optional delays to cater for processing time or manual intervention.
Audition mode is useful for highlighting pitch or velocity anomalies in sample-based instruments, e.g. Yamaha P95 piano
Sample mode has additional outputs for sample auto-naming and an alarm to indicate end-of-batch. Several demo/tutorial videos are available showing an E-MU Ultra sampler but others can be used, e.g. early demos include basic sampling and velocity cross-fading; more in-depth tutorials include single velocity and multi-sample.
The tool makes it feasible to sample hundreds of notes consistently with just a few repetitive button-pushes (depending on your sampler), but I'm afraid you're on your own with any editing smile
Hope this is useful.


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