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How to copy AKAI CD's on a Mac in 2014 and on

This is concentrated info found elsewhere, a shortcut for next time I need to remember:

Insert CD into Mac.
Press Ignore, not Eject.
Open DiskUtility.
Select "disk1s01" right below the CDR drive
Click New Image button on toolbar
Choose Image Format: DVD/CD master, Encryption: none (actually the format doesn't really matter, default is a DMG, works as well)
Save to some place, type user password, let image create
Open Toast
Choose CD-Copy - Image File, open or drag the CD master created
IMPORTANT: Choose Sector Size 2048 (else the sampler won't be able to read it!), leave Pre- and Postgap 0
I had to reduce the max burn speed to 10x to get a working CD.


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