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#1 2016-04-12 23:14:12

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ESI-32 Panel Glitch--Please help

Hello all, this is my first post and reguarding my first E-mu sampler, an ESI-32 OS 3.02 32mb RAM w/ SCSI

I have determined using the "Panel Test" that the buttons are very confused about their identity:

Enter: Cursor Up or 2, very rarely Enter
Audition: 2, sometimes Audition
Cursor Up: 2, Enter, sometimes Cursor Up
2: Cursor Up or 7
7: Cursor Up

Has anyone any idea whats going on? A fix?
I'm really disappointed and confused because the machine seems very clean inside and has very minimal scratching to the case--it should be fine!

Please if anyone has any ideas let me know..

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#2 2016-04-14 08:05:55

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Re: ESI-32 Panel Glitch--Please help

this belongs in the 'older emus' forum


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