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#1 2016-03-10 15:27:33

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Using E6400 Classic options in an E6400 Ultra


I have both a E6400 Classic and a E6400 Ultra sitting her, where the Claasic has a couple of options in it (AES/EBU), extra Midi in, tha I would like to transfer to the Ultra.

Are they compatible across or will there be some issues?



#2 2016-05-30 20:02:58

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Re: Using E6400 Classic options in an E6400 Ultra

I have both too, and I'm attempting to do the same thing: Put the AES/EBU option from the 6400 into my Ultra.
First, I moved the AES-Reciever Chip (CS8402) over to the Ultra.
Once you do this - The Ultra will detect the chip and assume you have the DWAM board installed.
Then I used female-female jumper wires to jumper from the 34-pin header (see page 272 in the tech docs) over to the 14-pin header (page 243) on the AES I/O module.
- Connected the ground and VCC (5V) power wires
- Connected AESRXN and AESRXP .
Put some 48khz audio via AES into the port, set the sampler to sample via 48Khz digital - and it works!
I would assume AESTXN and AESTXP would work for outputting via AES - but haven't tested yet.

Then I connected KBCLKON, KBTXD, KBXMITEN, KBRECEN, KBRXDN, and KBCLKI. I am not having ANY luck with this. It will not detect my keyboard, and the caps lock lights don't flash when I boot the ULTRA.  I am going to go over my wiring again, and also test the ACT125 IC on the AES board to make sure it is getting 5V later.

The other pain with this is that the holes on the ultra do not line up with the AES module, particularly the ASCII port. Probably have to cut my Ultra case a bit to get it to work.

Best part is - I can sample directly from my DAW without DA/AD conversions. But without the keyboard, I feel crippled.


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