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#1 2015-11-19 23:26:54

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Back To Emu Again

So this week started reading some forums, the old EmuonAcid is still very usefull!!
Was there for a couple years, its very nice to see the legend is going on...

So what do i have here now,  a E4Platinum, with a laptop disc with full Emu Library.

A E6400 Ultra with the original Quantum Disc, with the factory sound it came with...I bought this baby in the past brand new...
I remembered the noise of the disc, and fan (which is not working proper anymore)

The jog wheels of both units are  not functioning good anymore, the skip to many steps even after calibrating.

I must say, the sound blows you away....!!!
Both working on Eos 4.7

Hey what i see there my old EIIIxp, this one has 16MB ram, and has that analog warmth....

Still these hw samplers got that vibe where everyone is looking for...

The question to you guys is how do I back up these hard drives, im totally on mac osx 10.10


#2 2015-11-24 16:12:09

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Re: Back To Emu Again

I think you can only back-up to a SCSI drive, either a hard-drive or a CD writer. I recently bought this Cd-writer as a spare device, and as it's really quiet, it's now my main cd-rom drive.
If you haven't got too much to backup, it might be cheaper than getting a scsi HD and an enclosure. … SwhcJWJ4NT


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