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#1 Re: EOS 4 » E4K - sample transfer » 2018-02-10 09:27:46


Hey dmtsymphony, SCSI2SD + Chicken Sys translator is pricey, but a very good combo for bulk transfert

#2 Re: EOS 4 » Please Help!!! 6400ultra upgrade 4.70 » 2018-01-19 21:57:49


Ouch, sorry for your SSD.
Can't help you too much about IDE, as I choose the scsi2sd way.

About the workflow, it depends what you want to do with 4.7
First file and folder naming convention as describe in 4.7 manual is not so easy as a simple drag n drop. Each folder/bank have to be named prefixed by a number and a letter.

If your goal is to feed your drive with wav files, the sad thing is 4.7 only let you load wav files one by one. A pain if you planned to do a layered drumkit.
E4Btool is a free application (win/mac) to write a basic bank file with multiple wav, but without mapping. 
I don't know if E4B files works prior 4.7.

ChickenSys translator is very usefull and worth the money, if you want to translate programs from other hardware/software sampler.
It can also read EMU EOS formatted drives. So you can fill your sampler with samples, but without 4.7.

#3 Re: EOS 4 » Please Help!!! 6400ultra upgrade 4.70 » 2018-01-18 20:22:55


Hey, do you still have the floppy drive or did you replace it by Icy Box ?
I may have read somewhere a jumper is need when floppy drive is disconnected : it could hang the sampler

I experience also drive troubles, on an e5000/4.7 with FAT scsi2sd v6.
Not the same as yours : editing samples, the sampler hang while saving the UNDO/REDO file, and displays "Scanning FAT" for about 1 minute per FAT volume.

I noticed EMU eos format was simpler to manage than FAT, but more space limited.

2 - I think the IDE connector on E-Mu are double pin rows.
Usual Ide cable have a blocked hole in the middle, to prevent backward plugin.
You have to drill this hole, or the cable can't be plugged.

Look at this picture, on the blue side : … B0000511TN

#5 Re: EOS 4 » Getting 2MB Flash (CPU?) memory these days » 2017-11-01 19:12:23


Hello James,
The URL website is
It seems to be under construction but the author left this message

Don't panic, ME-1 and EMU SIMM replica still in service.

Using WayBackMachine at, you can still find his contact. You should try to mail him directly

Bernward Mock
info [/a~t/] marjorie [/d~o-t/] de

#6 Re: EOS 4 » Is it possible to do wavetable morphing on Emu Ultra ? » 2017-07-31 21:23:50

e64_eli wrote:

Poorman's EOS Wavetable sequencing

Assign as many samples as you wish to a group and then assign each one its own little section of the realtime cf and then set the fades so that each concurrent layer smoothly fades into the next.

Then edit the *group* cords with Modwheel - Ampxfd +/- 100% and then a LFO also to Ampxfd with a mod depth to suit your needs and then set the LFO speed to whatever.

Now this ones important, in the tuning section, voice setup set the assign group to one of the poly2 configurations because say you`ve got 64 sounds assigned to the group thats normally all of your poly gone when only 2 can be heard at any given time so the poly2 setting simply only allows for 2 notes of polyphony to be used on that group.

Then edit each *voice* set of cords (keeping well away from the group assignments, of course) to however you bloody well want - a different filter on each is good, another LFO to cutoff is good too, basically whatever you please.

When you play a note, you should now hear the LFO sweeping the wavetable. Now tweek the modwheel and you can determine what section of the wavetable you want the LFO to sweep.

I did it on 16 voices, with 16 samples of 2048 sample duration.
Longer to set up rather than offsetting start position on a single wave
Full thread here

#8 EOS 4 » Is it possible to do wavetable morphing on Emu Ultra ? » 2017-07-23 18:00:24

Replies: 3


I'm trying to do on an E5000 (v4.7) basically what Xfer Serum do : wavetable morphing with a cord, using Sloop

Same technique as explain here :

• I dumped a wave file via midi with a constant pitch note.
• I loop a cycle (100 samples for A441hz sampled @ 44100hz)
• frequency modulation is present in this sample, its total length is (for example) 1000 samples = 10 cycles.
• I make a preset for this sound, and a cord, linking ModWheel or a very slow LFO to Sloop.

I seems to works, as I can hear something like PWM.
But the cycle is to short. I'd like to obtain a bigger range, and offset the starting point to 200, 300, 400.. to 900

I don't really understand how Sloop and Sstart works, and what exact value is sent from ModWheel or the LFO.
I assume it offset the start/loop value of about 128 samples. (adding the modWheel value 0 to 127, to Start/Sloop)
I tried to add a X4gain to extend ModWheel to 512, but I'm not really sure it really works.


Serum use 2048 samples wavetable, which let use more detailed waveform.
I read some threads about this subject on EMUs, but nothing saying it could be done as in serum.
The Eos documentation about Sstart and Sloop is really light, and don't really explain how it works.

I'd like to know if a coord could launch a sample at a percentage of its total length ?
Is it possible to stack many 4xGain modules to send highest offset value ?

Or any information about loop points playing is welcome,
Thanks !

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